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Pro Chancellor, DSU

Success comes from hard work and creativity. But even the best and focused young man & woman with complete dedication & involvement needs institutional leadership, a matching ambiance, a responsive culture, and perfect support allowing easy access that includes: intellectual, infrastructure, and all other critical needs. These diverse requirements are systematically arranged & consciously put together on a single platform and now converge at one place: Dayananda Sagar University.

As you move around the campus, you should be ready to witness several pleasant surprises; to find all these and more in an academic campus in India, simply because it is unusual; though seen as normal in the more developed nations. Thankfully India which is in great change mode is seeing a new vision now on free rein! Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) is setting its base on getting the best: The most competent individuals – who are accomplished scientists, researchers, and academicians from across the finest universities in the world. A global search for the greatest and most proven individuals has met with the first successes, encouraging us to pursue this path with greater vigor.

I have to acknowledge the active support of a good number of senior scientists, researchers, and domain leaders from India’s premier institutes including IISc, IITs, and IIM-B supporting us in identifying the right people to take up key positions at DSU. The student recruitment process too would witness a new shift. National entrance tests would ensure that only the most accomplished students would find a place in the academic programs of DSU.

In addition to academics, young men & women with creative ability & passion to do now or individuals who have demonstrated great traits in sports, theatre, or social activities would find DSU encouraging to come on board. Academic centers are now workplaces too! DSU has become a pioneer in presenting capacities and core facilities that are ready to go to manufacture.

DSU thus is now the most innovative –going beyond the teaching-learning, incubation, and employment processes! It is now enabling individuals to walk in with their ideas and preparing them to GO TO MARKET with their products, helping them to set up their own companies & become entrepreneurs on day one even as they join academic programs in the university. I have great pleasure in inviting you to make best use of these great opportunities. Dayananda Sagar University is the place to be, now!




Pro Chancellor, DSU

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