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International Affairs

At DSU International Affairs, we take pride in our role as facilitators of global engagement, offering a comprehensive array of services designed to enhance the university experience. Our commitment spans various initiatives, from establishing strategic partnerships with universities abroad to orchestrating seamless student exchanges that foster cross-cultural enrichment. We are at the forefront of innovation, actively cultivating joint research programs that transcend geographical limitations and contribute to academic excellence.

Our dedication doesn't stop there – we curate and host dynamic international events, such as seminars, collaborative discussions, and webinars, creating platforms for meaningful knowledge exchange and collaborative ventures. At the core of our mission lies the belief that international experiences are not just beneficial but imperative for personal and professional growth. We are unwavering in our commitment to making these experiences accessible to every DSU student, providing the necessary resources and unwavering support. Join us in navigating the complexities of a globalized world, where opportunities for enrichment know no bounds.

What We Do?


DSU International Affairs offers a wide range of services to promote internationalization efforts within the university.


Our services include:

  • Partnering with universities abroad

  • Facilitating student exchanges

  • Developing joint research programs

  • Organizing international events such as seminars, discussions on collaborations, and webinars.

Our team is dedicated to providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed in a globalized world. We believe that international experiences are essential for personal and professional growth, and we are committed to making these experiences accessible to all DSU students.

Internationalization at DSU

The Department of International Affairs, DSU, plays a crucial role in managing and facilitating internationalization efforts within the university. Here are some of the activities and roles performed by The Department of International Affairs:









International Partnerships and Collaborations

The Department of International Affairs is responsible for establishing and maintaining partnerships with universities and institutions around the world. These partnerships can include research collaborations, joint degree programs, and faculty/staff exchanges.

Study Abroad Programs

The Department of International Affairs coordinates study abroad programs for domestic students and help them find suitable exchange or study abroad opportunities, handle application processes, and provide pre-departure orientations. 

Global Education and Awareness

The Department of International Affairs organizes events, workshops, and cultural programs to promote global awareness and cross-cultural understanding among students and faculty. This includes initiatives to celebrate international diversity on campus.

Visiting Scholars and Faculty

They may coordinate programs for visiting scholars, researchers, and faculty members from other countries. This involves handling visa applications, providing support during their stay, and facilitating their research or teaching activities.

International Scholarships and Funding

The Department of International Affairs often administers scholarships, grants, or funding opportunities for both domestic and international students pursuing international experiences or research projects.

Data and Reporting

They collect and analyze data related to international student enrollment, academic exchange programs, and other internationalization efforts. This data can be used for strategic planning and reporting to university leadership.

Advising and Support Services

Advisors of The Department of International Affairs provide guidance to international students on academic, personal, and immigration matters, helping them navigate the challenges of studying in a foreign country.

Industrial Connect

The Department of International Affairs is facilitated with the firms and placement consultancies situated in various countries. DSU is open to people of all backgrounds and nations. DSU strongly supports international collaborations across the global community for the stimulation of scientific ideas and service. This provides to establish and increase the research opportunities in other industries and domains. The future scope will be of this is having connections and partnerships for investment opportunities in the other various domains as well. By this, the exposure that students get will be immense, once they step out to begin their journey into the challenging world.

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Our Services

  • DSU has established fruitful partnerships with renowned universities globally, including those in the US, Germany, Finland, Canada, France, the UK, China, South Korea, and the UAE.

  • Embracing diversity, DSU's international student community primarily represents countries such as Bhutan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Kuwait, Nepal, and East Africa (Tanzania, Sudan), contributing to a culturally rich and inclusive university environment.

  • DSU demonstrates its commitment to accessibility by offering various scholarships, providing students with the opportunity to apply for financial assistance of up to 40% during the admission process, thereby fostering a global and inclusive educational landscape.

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