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Dayananda Sagar University

School of Engineering

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Empowering Futures at DSU School of Engineering


Inception and Vision:


Established in 2015, the School of Engineering at Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) stands as a beacon of education, offering B.Tech, M.Tech, and research programs in diverse disciplines. With a commitment to delivering world-class education, fostering innovation, and preparing students for successful engineering careers, DSU emphasizes sustainable and inclusive technology.


Academic Spectrum:


DSU's School of Engineering encompasses a rich array of disciplines, including Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum spans foundation courses, core subjects, electives, and open electives at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, ensuring a holistic education.


Philosophy and Commitment:


The school is dedicated to creating future leaders and problem solvers who can advance the science and technology of the engineering profession. By dynamically integrating teaching and research, the School of Engineering aspires to make a positive impact on society through its graduates.


Unraveling the Excellence Within Each Discipline:


Computer Science and Engineering:


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at DSU cultivates an environment conducive to study, research, and professional growth. The B.Tech program equips students with a solid foundation aligned with the National Education Policy, addressing the global demand for IT professionals. The curriculum spans diverse areas, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and more. DSU graduates are sought after by established companies, government organizations, research institutions, and innovative startups.


B.Tech CSE (AI&ML):


DSU's B.Tech CSE (AI&ML) program transforms tech visionaries, focusing on merging Computer Science Engineering with Artificial Intelligence. With a curriculum spanning Basic Sciences, ML, AI, and 21st-century skills, graduates are prepared for diverse industries, instilled with a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship.


B.Tech CSE (Data Science):


Navigating tomorrow's data landscape, DSU's B.Tech CSE (Data Science) program prepares students for diverse roles in Data Science. The curriculum, with a focus on versatility and application, equips graduates with skills for real-world business solutions. DSU's emphasis on blended learning and entrepreneurial focus sets this program apart.


B.Tech CSE (Cybersecurity):


Safeguarding tomorrow's digital frontiers, DSU's B.Tech CSE (Cybersecurity) program meets the industry's demand for skilled professionals. With a comprehensive curriculum covering core computer science and cybersecurity, students are prepared for roles like Information Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, and more.


Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE):


The ECE program at DSU seamlessly integrates theory and practice, shaping students with skills in Signal Processing, Communication Systems, VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, and Robotics. DSU collaborates with NTTF to offer a Vocational degree (B.Voc in Mechatronics), ensuring graduates possess industry-relevant skills.


Mechanical Engineering:


DSU's Mechanical Engineering program, blending physics, mathematics, and materials science, equips students for innovative solutions. With a focus on core concepts and advanced tools like Computer-Aided Engineering, graduates explore diverse applications, from industrial equipment to robotics.


Computer Science & Technology (CST):


DSU's CST Department responds dynamically to Information to Intelligence Technology's progress. The program focuses on Software Automation Tools, Deployable Intelligent Applications, and the integration of business and computing skills. With an entrepreneurial focus and hands-on 'Project based learning,' CST graduates are prepared for leadership roles in creating innovative applications of technology.


Aerospace Engineering:


Crafting the future of flight, DSU's Aerospace Engineering program encompasses Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. With a curriculum based on outcome-oriented principles and strong industry connections, DSU prepares graduates for diverse roles in commercial and defense sectors, research institutions, and prestigious labs.


Future-Ready Graduates:


Embark on a transformative journey at DSU's School of Engineering, where theory meets practice, innovation thrives, and graduates are poised for success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Join DSU to shape your future and contribute to the ever-changing world of engineering.

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